Project Examples

$760,000 in Quoted Projects
A software company needed to improve its sales funnel.  The target market was businesses needed a new accounting system.  A lead generation source was identified and mined.  A sales process was developed and a sales funnel maintaining 50 sales cycles was developed.  Within three months the company was able to quote $760,000 in new projects.

$160,000 in Immediate Revenue
A millwork installation business needed to develop a sales funnel from scratch.  The target market was approximately 400 home builders in a major metropolitan city.  The marketing campaign was a mail / phone / website campaign.  A direct mailer was sent to the decision-maker and a telephone call followed.  The decision-maker was sent to a website to review company literature.  Approximately 142 sales cycles were created.  The marketing response was 37%.  Seven new customers were closed creating $160,000 in immediate revenue in millwork materials and installation.  Another 10 hot prospects were in the pipeline.  Each customer has a three-year lifetime.  The immediate business created $800,000 in potential business over the lifetime value of the customer.

$340,000 in New Business
A construction maintenance company in a large city wanted to improve its sales funnel and create potential business.  It had five sales people who needed more leads.  A mail / phone campaign was created.  The response rate of the direct mail piece was 30%.  The program created 68 new prospects and 12 hot prospects.  New business was created generating $340,000 in revenue.

17,000 Unique Visitors
A startup gaming company needed to create a brand, positioning and lead generation on the Web.  The market was very competitive and the search engine keywords were producing more than 3 million queries for primary keyword.  Search engine marketing and website promotion campaigns were started.  The program launched 15 primary websites with 260 landing pages.  At its peak, nearly 800,000 hits a month produced 17,000 unique visitors.  The program registered nearly 500 new players.

700% Sales Funnel Growth
A software company produced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and had a direct sales force and little marketing.  Sales people were fed leads from Google.  The lead generation wasn’t strong enough to drive sales.  The target market was small and mid-size companies with up to twenty sales people.  A new sales funnel program was initiated.  The program included the setup of the sales funnel, sales training and sales management.  The total sales cycles under management at the start of the program were just over 200 companies.  After a year 1,600 sales cycles were under management and sales nearly doubled.

$2 Million In Revenue Regained
A production management company had one large client that accounted for more than 60% of its sales volume.  The company’s marketing program wasn’t strong enough to produce substantial sales.  The company’s future could be in jeopardy if it lots its biggest client.  A sales funnel program was created to market to approximately 1,000 target businesses.  The marketing methods were telemarketing, referral marketing, canvassing and search engine marketing.  Eventually the company did lose its large client.  However, more than $2 million in new business from a sales funnel of approximately 200 sales cycles replaced the revenue.