A Real Marketing Plan for Small Business

Most businesses have an organic marketing plan developed over time through trial and error.  The foundation of the organic marketing plan is the notion that if you build it they will come. The product or service you’re offering is so good people will find out about it and want to buy. The organic plan relies on referrals, networking and word-of-mouth to deliver customers.

Unfortunately, the organic marketing plan fails to deliver. It only leads to a roller coaster of up and down revenues, tight cash flow and long nights trying to figure out how to save the business.

“A Real Marketing Plan for Small Business” is a simple, easy-to-follow program to get your real marketing plan in place at the start of your business. It provides an easy framework to follow and gives you real marketing strategies to be implemented.  The plan includes a checklist of items for you to implement.  It’s not just a plan, it’s a strategy with proven tactics.

“A Real Marketing Plan for Small Business” shows you the strategies to implement at each stage of your marketing:
● dentify your target market
● Develop customer aquisition strategies
● Tell people who you are and what you do
● Sell your strengths
● Drive new customers

Real Marketing Plan2

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